It’s here. The answer to all your modern baking dilemmas: Simple to make, delicious to eat, affordable wholefood baking mixes.

At Hill Street Wholefoods we’ve consulted chefs and bakers and candlestick makers to turn our favourite sweet treats into easy to make, mouthwatering wholefood masterpieces.

We’ve ignored over-processed ingredients and popped nutritious, plant-based ones in their place. We’ve ditched the dairy, got rid of gluten and catered for vegans - we’ve even whisked away the refined sugar hangover.

We’ve made it so simple, all you have to do is add a couple of wet ingredients and everyone you serve will think you’ve got Nigella locked in the kitchen.


Hill Street Wholefoods was started by Eliana, a Kiwi on a mission to make healthy baking easier.

As well as being nutritionally better for you, our packaging is designed to be better for the planet.  Our cardboard boxes are sourced sustainably and printed using vegetable based ink. When we absolutely need to use plastic (to keep our mixes fresh), we make sure it’s made from compostable film.

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